Pricing & Rewards


SaniTech charges are determined by the amount of time it will take in order to accomplish exceptional cleaning results. Time factors are based on your particular situation: the cleaning technician will consider soil density, fiber type, spotting, and other factors when estimating charges.

Many properties have a combination of very clean and very dirty areas. In these situations, charging by time can realize a cost-effective benefit, as more attention to be given to areas that need it the most.

The customer and the cleaning technician will discuss the specific details of the soil removal needs before the job begins. This discussion will ensure that the technician knows where to focus his time, and it will give the customer a realistic idea of the charges that will incur. Once the discussion is complete, the clock starts when the job starts.

Area rug charges are based on square footage when pick-up and delivery are required. If the rugs are cleaned on-site, the usual time-based charges apply.



Loyal customers are important to us! When you tell other people about your endorsement of SaniTech services, we’ll say “Thank you” for your kindness: you will receive a Referral Reward Certificate in the mail for each new customer that you refer. This certificate is worth 10% of the referral job, and may be credited toward a future cleaning for yourself, or redeemed as cash at any time.