Cleaning Rationale & Methods

SaniTech technicians have the expertise and superior cleaning methodology
for the care and maintenance of your commercial office fabrics.

We can determine which of three cleaning methods
(or combination) is needed for your particular situation.

We choose which method is needed based upon soiling patterns and fiber type.
Every situation needs to be evaluated for proper care and cost-effective maintenance



The method of choice for the RESTORATION of heavily soiled or damaged fibers.

HWE uses a combination of non-detergent fiber pre-treatment, high-powered soil extraction, and a non-residue, low-moisture rinsing system. This method is accomplished by means of either a truck-mounted or a portable rotary extraction unit.

HWE offers the following benefits:

  • Thorough ‘washing’ of fibers with hot water and pure rinsing
  • Indoor air quality is improved when carpet contaminants are removed
  • Removal of dirt and residue which contributes to wear and tear
  • Restoration of damaged fibers
  • High-use areas (like entry or food/beverage) can be transformed
  • Once HWE has restored fibers, they can be maintained with monthly or
    quarterly, low-cost Encapsulation Cleaning methods
  • Cost effectiveness: Fiber restoration means delayed replacement costs
  • Manufacturer warranties specify HWE for proper fiber restoration


The method of choice for the PRESERVATION of well-maintained fibers.

Encapsulation is a low-moisture system of capturing surface soil which leaves behind no soil-attracting residue. A brighter fiber appearance is the result. It is accomplished by soft absorption pads which break down and remove surface soil. This surface soil needs to be routinely removed so it doesn’t build up in the fibers.

Encapsulation Cleaning offers the following benefits:

  • The best method for preserving fibers previously restored through HWE
  • Non-allergenic
  • No detergent
  • Minimal cleaning time
  • Quick dry time
  • More economical than the HWE method
  • Cost effectiveness: Years of life can be added to the life of commercial fibers through routine encapsulation maintenance

If you’ve been unimpressed with Encapsulation Cleaning in the past, you need to try SaniTech’s encapsulation cleaning system. We use a top-quality, commercial-grade cleaning solution called PROCYON®, which has revolutionized our encapsulation cleaning results. Because PROCYON® is bio-degradable and pure, it leaves no re-soiling residue. Cleaning with PROCYON® is truly remarkable for commercial applications—our longstanding customers will tell you so (see Endorsements).


The method of choice for cleaning fabrics that can’t receive moisture, like sisal and other organic fibers. Dry cleaning is accomplished through a method of solvent application and absorption pads for soil removal. Dry cleaning is rarely necessary, but some specialty fibers require it.


Sometimes, a combination of Hot Water Extraction, Encapsulation Cleaning, or Dry Cleaning can be used to achieve excellent results for carpet, furniture, and area rug cleaning.