Commercial FAQ’s

Q: How do I keep the carpets looking nice all the time?

A: By using a timely and appropriate maintenance program.

Q: How do I keep spots from returning?

A: By not covering them up with residue-attracting detergent. The soil needs to be broken-up and removed, not covered up with detergent. We break up the soil with soap-free PROCYON® and remove it with either Hot Water Extraction or 100% cotton absorption pads. Dye spots (like red punch or red wine) can be treated with dye-transfer removal methods.

Q: How do I improve the look of the traffic patterns?

A: By accomplishing regular vacuuming and routine PROCYON® Encapsulation Cleaning. Walk-off mats are also helpful.

Q: What is the most cost effective way to maintain the carpet and what impact will that have on our annual budget?

A: If you can break down soil without having to rinse it (through our PROCYON® Encapsulation Cleaning system), exceptional results can be achieved for minimal cost. And really huge budget savings can be realized through long-term preservation of fibers, so that replacement costs can be often be delayed for years.